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2019 RLDC5 Hosted by UTSA & St. Mary's University

National and Regional Conferences

 SHPE UTSA promotes the presence and involvement of engineering students in all STEM fields. We encourage members to attend SHPE national and regional conferences that provide leadership and professional development workshops. These conferences enable students to network with recruiters from some of the largest and most well known companies through out the nation.  


Community Based

 SHPE UTSA is very involved with the local community through partnerships with SHPE Jr. Chapters.  These partnerships teach graduating or soon-to-be graduating high school students skills that engineers use throughout their college years. These include CAD (Computer Aided Design) and Coding.  We also collaborate with other undergraduate chapters across the state with retreats and local events.


Exciting Extracurriculars

 SHPE is based on a "familia" mentality. We look out for one another and help each other be successful. We have CoEd intramural sports leagues: soccer, basketball, and sand volleyball. We also have several fundraising events.

SHPE Calendar 2018-19

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Meet the Officers

Erick Galicia


  • President
  • Junior - Spring 2021
  • Electrical Engineering

Guillermo Roque


  • Vice President - Internal
  • Junior - Spring 2021
  • Mechanical Engineering

Caitelyn Sanchez


  • Vice President - External
  • Junior - Spring 2021
  • Electrical Engineering

Lillian Garza


  •  Public Relations
  • Senior - Spring 2020
  • Civil Engineering

Jacob Provencio


  • Treasurer
  • Junior - Spring 2021
  • Biomedical Engineering

Marcus Mendez


  • Secretary
  • Sophomore - Spring 2019
  • Mechanical Engineering

Kevin Castillo


  • Senior Advisor 
  • Senior - Fall 2019
  • Mechanical Engineering

Oscar Cobus


  • COESC Representative
  • Junior - Spring 2021
  • Mechanical Engineering

Lexie Castruita


  •  Freshman Representative
  • Freshman - Spring 2023
  • Mechanical Engineering

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Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers - UTSA

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